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Prosperb Media ad placement targets popular supermarkets with unique demographics and a wide area of influence. These advertising real estates are highly sought-after but have not been made available publicly before Prosperb Media was awarded the Exclusive Advertising Service status. Advertisers at these locations will attract the attention of affluent local shoppers with high rates of home ownership...shoppers who are looking for quality services and products to enhance their homes and lifestyle. Prosperb Media let advertisers target these in-demand consumers while they are in a shopping mood.

Prosperb Media offers premium electonic displays at 12 highly targeted locations and we are rapidly expanding to another 6 in the bay area, representing close to 70% of our total expansion goal. These select locations are supermarkets that provide fresh food, large selection, quality service and bargain prices to a wide market radius. They also tend to attract Asian consumers who are well educated and have high income but are very diserning shoppers. These consumers have a lof of buying power but it takes the right media and right message to attract their lucrative business. Prosperb Media's leading edge electronic dispaly are just the right media.

Prosperb Media's high-tech, trendy displays are one-of-a-kind attention getters. Our Scrolling Lightboxes are big, bright and hip, delivering bold, high-resolution images in vibrant colors. The scrolling feature is so unique, many shoppers stop just to watch them work. These futuristic billboards, together with big screen LCD TVs and other leading electonic signage, position Prosperb Media as a premium media provider.

Prosperb Media's In-Store ads are clean, bright and professionally finished and maintained. Unlike shopping cart ads smudged with use, store patrons admire our colorful ads like artwork.

Prosperb Media rates are also extremely affordable. Your ad will be displayed for 17 seconds every 2 minutes between 9am to 10pm. This averages less than a penny per display. Compare to to our electronic media, static, boring shipping cart ad or bus shelter ad can't compete on price or effectiveness. Small prices, big results: that is just one aspect of our customer commitment.
Price Comparisons
Media Prices
TV Station $1,000 - $2,450 each week
Newspaper $1,600 - $6,000 each time
Radio $1,080 - $4,300 each month
Yellow Pages $600 - $35,300
Postcards (4'x6') $2,000 each time
5,000 minimum, $0.4 each
Prosperb Media affordable!

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