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We provide the most updated electronic signs, billboards, displays, lights, as well as ad placements on our displays. Great for your business appeal and your advertisement needs. Our electronic signs and ad placements allow you to increase name recognition and maximize revenue.

Why Prosperb Signs?
Prosperb electronic signs are high quality, reliable, and direct from factory. Our prices are extremely competitive.
San Francisco Bay Area News
Lightbox In-Store TV
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* Union City Marina Food To Open 2nd Lightbox
* Chicago Title Signed
* Janet Xu & David Jeffrey, The #1 Long Term Care Insurance Agents, Signed
* Simon Kiang, The #1 Real Estate Agent of Alameda County, Signed
* Marina Food Scrolling Lightbox
* More...
* New Tang Dynasty TV, The 1st Chinese Digital TV Station, Signed
* Golden Stone Inc Signed
* Abacus Financial Services Signed
* Prosperb Media In-Store Advertising TVs
* More...
Why Prosperb Ads?
Prosperb Media ad placement targets popular supermarkets with unique demographics and a wide area of influence. These advertising real estates are highly sought-after but have not been made available publicly before Prosperb Media was awarded the Exclusive Advertising Service status. Advertisers at these locations will attract the attention of affluent local shoppers with high rates of home ownership...shoppers who are looking for quality services and products to enhance their homes and lifestyle. Prosperb Media let advertisers targets these in-demand consumers while they are in a shopping mood. More...

Sydney, Australia News
Prosperb Real Estate Display System™ is now available. A trendy LCD Flat Panel TV pre-programmed to display pictures of the property, the map location, virtual home tour videos, prices and the seller agent information, all in a tightly choreographed

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